Have you wondered what the mural on the wall means? What, “There’s Only One Cookeville” means?

There’s only one Cookeville. Literally. In the whole entire world. Aside from the literal definition,

our thriving micropolitan has a unique and complex personality all its own.

It’s a blend of tradition and innovation, of classic American values paired with creative

endeavors and diversity. Are you hungry? Choose from a down home meat + three, a hip

burger joint, or sushi. It’s a great place to grow up, raise a family, or retire. There are

comforts of city life surrounded on all sides by green fields dotted with golden hay rolls;

modern convenience is just a short drive from lakes, mountains and waterfalls.

By far, what really makes Cookeville special are the people who live here. The natives dwell on

family land that has been passed down through the generations. Residents from surrounding

counties come to the “big city” to get a job and settle. Students come from all over the world to

study at Tennessee Tech University. People move from Florida, California, Michigan, Ohio,

Indiana, Illinois, England, Taiwan; all kinds of places – to live in Cookeville.

Small business owners are the heartbeat of this town, keeping entrepreneurial spirit alive and

thriving. Celebrated artists and talented musicians make up our artist community and provide

us with our very own symphony.

Doctors, lawyers, and engineers mix with farmers and ranchers… in fact, some of them are

farmers and ranchers. If you drive by someone on a country road, they’ll lift their finger off of

the steering wheel in friendly greeting. You might even be late to work because you got stuck

behind a tractor on the way there. When a disaster strikes, many hands come together with

tools, casseroles, and lots of love to repair the broken pieces. Dear Cookeville, do you even

know how special you are?

Cookeville – whatever happens, don’t stop being you. Don’t try to be like other cities; don’t

compromise the things you stand for as you grow. Don’t be torn apart by differences. Stand

together as One Cookeville, strong and proud: a community of unity.